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Updates and more updates

June 23, 2016

Updates and more updates

Hello everyone,
This is John from Manta Lab. Today, I wanted to update our customers with few things and discuss about some of the activities we've been doing here recently.
1. Man of Steel
Thank you very much to everyone who have purchased our first exclusive release <Man of Steel> and great to know that many of you are enjoying our product. Since it's our first product and there are many things to be improved but we are happy that everything went quite smoothly. We promise our customers that we will improve on things that were suggested and continue to create great products. We are still experimenting with many things here from products to our services but our goal is to make the great product for our customers enjoy.
2. Expanding our Blu-ray product library
We are planning to expand our website to distribute more Blu-ray products outside of our exclusive lines. Please stay tuned with our website (www.mantalab.com) and our SNS channels for more updates.
3. Deadpool (Global #1)
We wanted to release this product in June but the approval process is taking a bit longer than what we've expected. We are working as hard as we could at the moment to communicate with the studio to push the release date. We are really sorry for those who have waited long time for this title.
4. The Revenant (Exclusive #2)
All artworks have been approved and almost ready to go into production. Due to the peak season with factories, production might take longer than before but we will keep our customers updated with more information. In July, we should be able to release overview packshots and some sample shots of the release. Thank you very much for your interest.
5. More Exclusive and Global Steelbooks coming this year
We are working on few more titles at the moment and it includes some catalogue titles and new ones from various studios. One of the titles is supposed to be the first release of Manta Lab but we have given up on the release due to difficulty of creating right concept and artworks for it. We have never forgotten about it and I've been always thinking about a way to create a design for that title and one day, I came to a conclusion with the design and started to work on it with our creative and graphic designers. We will release more information soon. Also, there's a plan for another release of WEA steelbook which hasn't been released in the market. So please stay tuned with our website for more information.
6. Contents Writing
Even though, I am a bad writer and writing isn't my forte. I always wanted to share my experience and stories with my customers. I plan to write from how Manta Lab started with some behind the scenes about the company, product and the industry. As you can see, the picture is the one of the logos I've received when I was ordering logos around the web. We ended up not using the logo but I thought it was worth keeping it as a story to tell our customers. Many interesting stories and experiences will be shared with our customers so when it's posted, please come to our website for some fun read.

Thank you very much for reading and we will post more information in the future.

Best regards,
John Yu