October Update

October 11, 2018

October Update

[October Update]

Hello everyone! We thank everyone for coming to the pre-order of The Shape of Water. Slips and materials will be posted soon so we hope everyone is excited! Also, we are very happy to announce our 2nd Universal release and the first Tarantino's film from us. Please read more for the updates and the release schedules for our products. Thank you.

1. [ME#23] Inglourious Basterds
Finally, we are approved with the Inglourious Basterds Manta Lab Exclusive Steelbook. We've been working on this release since last September (not 2018) and took us 1 year to finally get the rights, design and final approval for this movie. It is one of our favorite movies of all time from Tarantino so we hope we've done a good job with the package. We had a plan to start the pre-order for this movie in late October but due to our recent late production and delay with the previous releases, we have decided to put on a hold until we finish all shipping up to The Shape of Water. Thank you very much for your interest in advance and we will release the information soon. OOoooooohh, That's a BINGO!

2. [ME#19] The Greatest Showman
We are currently shipping out single editions of the movie but due to our holidays in early October (National Day), there's been production delay and QC problem. We are rescheduling the Box dispatch starting 25th and we are going to finish all shipping by end of October. We are again very sorry about the frequent delay with the boxes and we are very disappointed as well because we've been working on this box since June and it's quite upsetting that the mass production is not coming out as well as we've expected and getting delayed. Again, we are stopping all future pre-orders to fix all production schedule so we don't make delays anymore in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

3. [ME#20] Deadpool 2
We are still waiting for the approval and we might be able to release this by December. Thank you for the wait.

4. [ME#14] Se7en
Se7en is one of the titles we've been working on since 2016 and we've never mentioned about this release because there was no progress for 1.5 years. There's been many releases of this movie over years but we think our versions will be the definitive version of the movie. We hope to release more news on this before 2019.

5. Releases that are kind of got forgotten.
- Fantastic Beast 1: We are expecting to start the pre-order for this soon. We are having a bit of hard time with the sampling and production for the box at the moment.

- Blade Runner 2049: Design is still in progress. This might be our first release with Sony so we are adapting to their style for the designs and specification.

- Kingsman 2: Design is still in progress. Due to lack of artworks and restriction from the Studio, this is taking longer than usual. All materials are finished except for couple.

If we didn't mention other releases, it's either under works or taking more time than the ones we've mentioned so please bear with us because we are a small studio lacking different types of resources but we always try our best to make the best versions of the packages for each movie.

6. Future Possible Releases from us in Exclusive Steelbook format
- A Star is Born (2019 Q1)
- First Man (2019 - Q1)

Above movies are under research and we will post more update when we decide to release them.

We are getting closer to the end of the year and our 3rd anniversary (Dec, 3rd). We had many ups and downs this year but quite proud of all the products we've released. Please wait for more updates in next months!

If you have any questions or comments, please


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