December Updates

December 14, 2017

December Updates

Hello everyone! This is John and I must admit that past 2 weeks have been by far the worst week of 2017 for us. We had to go out few days for production checks and when we come back, there were piles of packing and also endless waves of emails to reply. But, we really thank everyone who joined us for the Anni sale and the event. There's more stuff coming but we just need to tidy up before starting anything new. Please read below for some updates and reviews on the latest actions here.

1. [ME#11] Wonder Woman One Click + the Rest of Shipping
We have finished shipping for all Wonder Woman orders and we hope that all items arrive safely! Thank you so much for the wait and we hope that the wait is worth it.

2. [ME#13] War for The Planet of Apes Steelbook
Pre-order information is available soon and it will be hosted on December 22nd at 8PM as usual. After finishing the last movie of the trilogy, we have started working on the Rise steelbook. We expect to release all trilogy by Q2 next year.

3. [ME#?] Manta Lab WEA releases for 2018 Q1.
Below are the releases that are getting prepared from us for Q1 in 2018.
- Fantastic Beast (This took forever for Approval but it's all finished now)
- Fight Club (We have produced some materials and very close to finishing)
- Dunkirk (Design in Progress)
- Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Design in Progress)

We expect Chinese New Year to slow us without production so the newer titles will be released in March.

4. Prototype Giveaway and Anniversary Event
Due to... a lot of things happening at once, we didn't have a chance to look through the comments and emails our customers sent us. We are going to post new giveaway this week and continue the celebration!

Thank you very much and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Best regards,