Feb Update & More from John

February 23, 2018

Feb Update & More from John

[Feb Update & More from John] 
Hello everyone, this is John from Manta Lab. I wish everyone had an awesome Lunar New Year Holidays. We have few updates including the release schedule. Please look below to read more.

1. [ME#6] Fight Club 
Thanks everyone for coming to the pre-order. We will post back the cancelled copies after shipping out the release. We are on schedule with all materials. We have our fingers crossed for the materials to arrive safely.

2. [ME#13] War For The Planet of Apes 
Shipping has begun for the single editions and we expect the new batch of steelbooks to arrive next week. We will pack them as quickly as possible and send them out by next week. Tracking will be available before March 5th. We thank everyone for the patience.

3. [ME#15] Justice League 
Our materials are pending approval and if things go smoothly, we expect the release to be ready by April. We hope to finish the project soon and provide the best edition for the Justice League

4. [ME#9] Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them 
We expect the pre-order to take place in April. We had this release approved for a while but since we had a lot of releases that were waiting to be released, we missed the timing to release. More updates will be ready.

5. Missing Exclusive Numbers 
All numbers have been filled now as below! 
ME#1 - Man of Steel
ME#2 - Revenant 
ME#3 - Constantine 
ME#4 - Kingsman 
ME#5 - Walter Mitty 
ME#6 - Fight Club 
ME#7 - La La Land 
ME#8 - Logan 
ME#9 - Fantastic Beast
ME#10 - Alien: Covenant 
ME#11 - Wonder Woman 
ME#12 - Missing Number 
ME#13 - War For The Planet of Apes 
ME#14 - Missing Number 
ME#15 - Justice League

ME#12 was scheduled for one of Universal Studio Releases but we are still waiting for the approval from the Studio and ME#14 is Dunkirk release but we having a bit of approval problem since our release is going to be exclusive. We might need to replace the number with another release but so far we have released almost all release scheduled.

7. Release plans for 2018.
We expect this year to be similar to last year in terms of releasing mixture of catalogue and new releases. This year, we have 2 major studios to join our exclusive line-up (Universal, Sony) and we expect to release 1-2 releases from them. About 10-12 releases are expected this year and all of them will be in exclusive format. After 2 years, we are still experimenting with our sales and product development and we think this trend might continue. We are still finding new materials, format and designs to create unique style of products and we will listen closely to our customers' feedback.

8. Personal Message from John 
Recently, we've been not dealing so well with the customer service because before we used to be able to reply back in a day or two but now there are mails that are not responded as long as a week or more. Due to my back injury, I couldn't work for a long time in the office for getting treatments on my back. Our customer service was really delayed and done rather poorly than before. However, I have recovered a lot and now I can perform a better customer service for our customers. I hope that our delays didn't upset any of our customers.

This is our 3rd year in operation and it feels like we are always dealing with new things with every release such as production, QC and approval. Our team and I are always trying our best to produce exclusive steelbook and we do ask our customers to understand our limitations sometimes with services and products.

Thank you very much and if you have any questions. Please leave a comment below.

Best regards,