May 30, 2018



Hello everyone! It's already end of May and we are here to post another monthly update. Summer is coming up and a lot of releases are getting ready (at least in approval) so please look below for the newest updates.

1. Justice League 
After our Fight Club release, we were aiming for another spot on schedule but there's been a change of the packing facility just recently due to our current packing facility closing down. Because the packing machinery needed to be set up at the new location, we are going to be delayed 1 week for this release. We are very sorry and we will send out the tracking as soon as they are ready.

2. Universal Studio Release 
After many months of negotiation and getting approvals, we are getting very close to releasing our first Universal Studio release. We are at the last stage of approval so once everything is approved, we will announce the release! (Adding another Studio Gem to our gauntlet :)

3. Approvals and Stalls 
It seems like getting approval is harder and harder everyday. We have many releases that are scheduled for release but many of them have been struggling with the approval from the studio. We are trying to be as patient as possible with the approval and hope that it goes through with our new designs.

4. Ready Player One 
RP1 is expected to pre-order in June! We are finishing the designs at the moment and as much as we've loved the movie, we are making the best packages possible for the movie.

Thank you very much for reading our monthly update. It seems like there's not a lot to announce due to having many releases struggling with approvals these days but once approvals go through there will be a lot of releases in coming months.

Best regards,
Manta Lab