September Updates

September 19, 2017

September Updates

<September Updates>
Hello everyone! We planned this monthly update to be posted in the beginning of the month but sometimes there's nothing to share (no updates other than we are tapping on our desks for the approval) or busy with production. We have many releases that planned for the end of 2016 and early 2017 and hope to get supports from our customers. Here's updates for September!

1. [ME#010] Alien Covenant
Production is almost finished and we are starting to receive materials from various factories. We are on plan with the release and from today, we are releasing some of the live shots of the product. Reserve copies will be available with the next pre-order so if you haven't purchased the product, please join the next pre-order.

2. [ME#011] Wonder Woman
Approval is almost finished and we are preparing to release the information. Approval has been about few months but we are happy to tell our customers that it's almost over. Pre-order information will be ready soon.

3. [ME#007] La La Land
Back to the Studio for another approval. We started this project in this year Feb - Apr and we also can't believe it's taking such a long time. We had some minor spec typos and typeface size change with our approval so hope that studio approves it quickly!

4 [ME#009] Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them
Approved and ready to go. We are preparing for the production at the moment and release is planned for November. Pre-order information will be updated soon.

5 [ME#] Dunkirk
It's confirmed we are making WEA version of Dunkirk. We wanted to post the concept artworks but decided to wait until what the main studio is offering as a global release. We will share more information when it's ready.

6. [ME#7] Fight Club
Pending. Due to some unknown problems, we are waiting for the response on the steelbook. It's been 3 updates and maybe there's no need to discuss about this release until it's really ready. Sorry guys!

7.[ME#] Next releases
There's been a lot of inquiries for below releases

- Planet of Apes
- Dark Knight

We are considering these releases and we will need to look into the database to make sure we have sufficient artworks and ideas to make this release. We will post more information soon.

8. Hidden releases
We have releases that are under development We'd rather not release any information until it's more concrete because like last time, we had to cancel a release and we prefer not cancelling any releases in the future.

9. Manta Lab 2nd Anniversary
Our 2nd Anniversary is in December 3rd! I am more than happy that we have almost survived 2 years. (Pat on myself). We are working on some website upgrades and some events to celebrate our 2nd year. We have few prototype products that we made over the year and some original sheets we used for production. We would like to do some events to give out these gifts to our customers. Also, there will be sales on few products that we have in stock. We are planning to move the office next year due to constant flooding problem (it's really nasty) and damaging our materials. We would like to keep our moving packages light. We will upload more information in the future.

Best regards,
Manta Lab