Restocking announcement and sharing few thoughts

September 26, 2016

Restocking announcement and sharing few thoughts

<Restocking announcement and sharing few thoughts>

Hello everyone, this is John from Manta Lab again. I've been hiding in the shipping room with other staffs for few weeks to manage all 3 releases(The Revenant, Deadpool, Batman v Superman) and since the shipping and CS are over, I've decided to crawl out to share some thoughts with you.

First off, I am extremely happy to release 4 successful titles in the market. When I look back on our releases, I still see things that could have been improved but as a new company, I think our products did quite well. Also, thanks to our customers' feedback, we have been improving on our products since our first release.

We have been preparing for our next exclusive releases and global releases for next few months. You should be able to see more information about them in coming weeks on our website and SNS channels.

Since, many of our customers were interested with the restocking schedule, please look below for the time and date.

September 27th 8:00PM (HKT, UTC+8)

Some copies are extremely low in quantity so if you are not successful ordering from the website, we are really sorry in advance. In terms of the reserve copies, we usually keep 1% to 5% depending on the release to make sure we don't oversell on our website and cover for the wrong shipments. The cancellation numbers vary depending on the popularity of the release as well.

We will be taking a short break from Thursday (September 29th) until the end of this weekend since we couldn't enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival due to shipping out all the orders. All orders will be processed a bit slowly from Thursday.

When I first started this company, our mission was to create the best product in the industry. However, the process of making premium steelbook isn't as simple as it seemed and I start to understand the difficulties of other premium retailers as well. Kudos to other premium retailers for making awesome products in the market(Kudos to us, too). For us, despite all the difficulties, we are focused on making better products that our customer can value for a long time. We will continue to improve in every aspect of business with the support of our customers and bring more exciting products.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
John Yu