[ME#21] First Man Shipment will begin from May 31st. We apologize for the delay.

October Updates

October 20, 2017

October Updates

[October Announcements]
Hello everyone, we hope everyone is ready for the weekend and the pre-order for our exclusive Wonder Woman steelbook tonight. We should make announcements in the beginning of the month but we are getting later and later due to many tasks need to be done around the office. Here's our brief summary of what's going on at Manta Lab

1. [ME#10] Alien: Covenant Steelbook
We are shipping out at the moment and the editions look amazing! We will send out all tracking number by next Wednesday and we hope that all orders arrive safely to our customers' addresses.

2. [ME#6, 7, 9] Fight Club, La La Land, Fantastic Beast
These titles have moved to production now and we are preparing for the pre-order and the release! We understand our customers have been waiting for a very long time for these releases and for Fight Club when we looked at the first email receiving the artworks was back in January so it took about a year to finish this title. We had some ups and downs designing these products but we are happy with the results. We will release more information in November for these titles.

3. [ME#11] Wonder Woman 
Tonight is the pre-order! We are very excited for tonight and due to high demand of certain editions, we have amended the numbers and set different limits. *Full Slip -> -100 units, *Double Lenticular Full Slip -> +100 units and Double lenticular Full Slip will be Limited to 1 per order. We try our best to predict the right combination of numbers for our customers but it's never easy. We are very sorry about changes.

4. [ME#13] War for the Planet of Apes 
Finally watched the last movie of the Planet of Apes and it was... AWESOME!! That's why we have decided to release this in an exclusive format. We expect the release to be ready by December. We hope our customers look into our release.

5. [ME#??] DunKirk 
We are currently designing for the Dunkirk and not all artworks have been releases by the studio yet. We are expecting a January release and we hope to show more information soon.

Thank you very much and we are getting later with these updates but we want to share as much information with our customers so please understand us being late. If you have any comments or questions, please leave below.

Best regards,
Manta Lab