Happy Chinese New Year from John + Holiday Shipping Schedule

January 26, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year from John + Holiday Shipping Schedule

Hello everyone, this is John from Manta Lab. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and wish everyone the best in the year of Rooster. Our office will be closed from tomorrow until next Tuesday(January 31st) for holidays and all orders made during this period will be shipped out next Wednesday.

Looking back in 2016, it was an amazing year for me. I've managed to establish an exclusive steelbook company with the help of our partners and my design team. Luckily, I've met many wonderful people to help us to get great designs and release new type of products in the market. I still remember the amazing feeling of releasing the product our team produced together for the first time. Seeing the real product was something that just couldn't be explained by words. Reactions from our customers were great and we were happy to produce collectible which is valued. We've made some mistakes along the way but many of the mistakes were quickly revised. Sometimes, it wasn't easy to make adjustments because some of the issues that were out of our reach and maybe not possible to change under our authority, however we've tried our best to make the differences so I wish our customers could understand our difficulties.

Many products we released this year were quite fantastic. From global to exclusive releases, designs, materials to printing, we've achieved enormously from the beginning that now I can say that we are almost on par with the other exclusive retailers and maybe better in some areas. As a business, I am a bit embarrassed to say that we are still learning and making changes with our business because I understand the standard that our customers have is quite high but I promise to our customers that we will continuously improve to cater our customers. We are not perfect yet and never will be but I sincerely hope to create a brand that many of our customers can appreciate and value.

For 2017, we have many exciting news starting with expanding studio labels. So far, we have been releasing mostly Warner / Fox Studio labels but we are under discussion to produce other labels at the moment. We could be able to produce our customers' favorites like Marvel and Starwars franchise in the future. I hope everyone is tuned in with our latest updates when we make the announcement. Also, as we've explained, our brand will be focusing more on exclusive releases. It takes quite a long time to develop an exclusive release and possibly take longer than a year when it does not meet our standard and expectation. (Constantine took about 1 year to be released in the market). We are working on multiple projects at the same time and hoping to show more great works we've accomplished to our customers.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful year and we wouldn't have made this far without our customers. We will continue to care about our customers and improve with our work.

Best regards,
John Yu