August - Updates!

August 14, 2017

August - Updates!

August - Updates! -
Hello everyone. We hope everyone is enjoying the summer vacation and enjoying the sun! Here are the updates we have for the August.

1. [ME#8] Logan Steelbook - Small Delay
First, we are very sorry to let you know that we are going to have small delay for the both Slips and the Box Set. We have received all materials except for the slips and the box and we are hoping to receive those materials within this week. Due to some of factories taking break and having vacations, we are little bit behind the schedule. Also for the Box Set, it was the first time for us to make it in different design with complexity such as metal insert and making it the correct size for all materials to fit in properly. We are going to ship out the slips starting next Monday and the Box Set will be shipped out starting August 28th. We are really sorry for the delay again but we are working as fast as we could to reduce the delay.

2. [ME#?] Edge of Tomorrow - Cancelled
Again, this is not good news coming from us because we have decided to cancel Edge of Tomorrow. There are many many reasons why we have decided to cancel the release but in few points are as below.

- We wanted to make it more "Emily Blunt" based designs but since it's another Talent's movie, we were not able to do it. Talent parity issue is a big problem (We are also struggling a bit with Fight Club due to this reason) and we cannot use "Emily Blunt" as a main / only in the design.
- Theatrical Materials are not allowed for the release. We have planned the whole design based on the theatrical materials but it was banned from using for us. 
- Talent Approval has been very very difficult. Due to the talent's approval, we were unable to change any designs with our products.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel the release. We are really sorry for this and hoped to make an awesome package for this movie but we hope another retailer can take over and make a great edition.

3. [ME#7] La La Land - Coming soon
We heard good news that all materials should be approved quite soon. We are waiting for the final green light from the Studio and it will be released soon. We have created 3 different version and we are very excited to release them soon.

4. [ME#6] Fight Club 
We have gotten slips and print materials approved and we are waiting for the final approval for the steelbook. We hope to share good news again.

5. [ME#11] Wonder Woman
We are aware that the Global Steelbook has been created with our concept design and we have submitted different designs for our products. We will inform the pre-order and release information soon.

Waiting for the approval is one of the toughest part of this job but we want to clear our all ME series listed above and show you more releases coming out soon.

Thank you very much and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Best regards,
Manta Lab