Announcement for "Suicide Squad" MG#006 Steelbook

October 31, 2016

Announcement for "Suicide Squad" MG#006 Steelbook

<Announcement for "Suicide Squad" MG#006 Steelbook>

Hello guys! We have some great new for our MG#006 "Suicide Squad"! For for the first time, we will be producing the "Suicide Squad" in 2D(Extended Cut) + 4K UHD Steelbook and this will be the first premium UHD Steelbook produced in the market.

We are aiming for the December release and the design works are almost finished at the moment. Considering that the UHD format isn't popular in the market yet, it can be risky for us to chose this format but we wanted to chose the extended cut to satisfy our customers and be the first retailer to adopt the new format.

We hope that our customers keep interested for our release and also hope to release more information soon.

[MG#3] X-Men:Apocalypse Steelbook will be on pre-order this Thursday, we hope to see our customers on our website.


Best regards,
Manta Lab