Maintenance and Testing done for Pre-order!!!

April 13, 2016

Maintenance and Testing done for Pre-order!!!

Dear our customers,

Thank you very much for the wait on our server maintenance and testing. 

We are now prepared for the Pre-order of "Man of Steel" Exclusive Steelbook. 

Few thing we would like to point out before the Pre-order date are as below. 

1. Order Limit

There's an order limit to each edition of "Man of Steel", you could add more than the order limit of each edition but due to the system restriction, your cart will not be processed until the order quantity is adjusted to the maximum limit per each edition. 

2. Speed Up the Order Process

Our website is ready for the customers to register and enter all necessary information like shipping address. If you complete the information of your account before the Pre-order date, your order process will be done much faster. 

3. Server

We use Shopify for our eCommerce platform and we've had a conversation with Shopify technicians that there won't any problem with the server like crashing or dropping. However, if we have too many customers (hoping this), there might be some lag or slow down compared to our normal days. Please be patient with your order and we really wish that our Pre-order goes smoothly. 

Thank you very much and if you have any questions please contact us anytime.

Best regards,
Manta Lab