Manta Lab Begins

February 02, 2016

Manta Lab Begins

Hello there, thanks for reading our first blog post. 

Through this blog, we're going to offer a few of our ideas to our readers and customers, a sense of who we are and what we are trying to achieve through this company. We can only hope that as you get to know us, you will offer us with some ideas of your own to make this company grow and continue to serve our customers as best as we can. We're very excited to get started. 

Manta Lab was established December 3rd, 2015 in Hong Kong. The process of making an exclusive steelbook in Hong Kong was definitely not easy. The country never had an exclusive steelbook producer and standards were different from other regions. However, we're working as hard as we can with our partners to launch our first product in the market. We will keep you updated through this blog and our SNS channels. Please stay tuned for further updates.  

Our goal is to make a multi-cultural e-commerce platform which distributes not only steelbook but also other types of collectibles. Possible new products are under negotiation with other local companies and they will be revealed as soon as we are able to distribute them through our channel. 

Welcome to Manta Lab - we're very excited to share our experience with you

John Yu, Director